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Education, LMS and Moodle

LMS is simply an abbreviation for a learning Management. If you have been to college, university and even most likely a school in the past 10 years you will likely have experienced an LMS. It is the online portal that allows students and teachers to collaborate, access course materials and submit their work for evaluation online.

Moodle LMS is the world’s most popular and most used learning management system. The Moodle Learning Management System is a flexible, open source, and free to download learning management solution. Moodle’s basic structure is organised around courses. These are basically pages or areas within Moodle where teachers can present their learning resources, materials and activities to students. Individual courses and materials can be used by one teacher or shared by a group of teachers.

Our hosted Moodle solution comes with a number of plugin options to further enhance the core features and functionality of Moodle.

Our Moodle optimised webserver is located in the Google Data Centre in Sydney?

We charge additional Moodle space at $1 per MB per annum.

Charged annually at $1024 Per Gigabyte of SSD webspace including nightly offsite backups.

If you need advanced support assistance or management for your Moodle installation we can provide this for $75 per hour. Minimum purchase of 2 hours for ad-hoc advanced support.

You can pre-purchase a block of 10 hours and this will afford you billing in 20 minute increments.

This time can be used for theme installation and customisation, plugin installation and configuration or other day to day management tasks and other advanced Moodle SysAdmin requests.

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