Our Technology

Best In Class, Punching above our weight

We leverage the power of the internet, automation, the cloud and partnerships with leading technology companies to deliver superior solutions and results.

Always Best of Breed

We operate a best-of-breed multi-vendor operation.

Easy See, Easy Do

No steep learning curves with our client solutions. 

Standards Based

Code that meets recognised standards & best practices.

How We do it

As an organisation we leverage the convenience of the cloud and the power of virtualisation, this enables us to take advantage of massive leaps in efficiency. We keep our core operations team lean, working with established professionals with whom we have long established relationships empowers every member of team to take ownership of clients needs.

Our Technology Stakeholders



Much of our core infrastructure is hosted at Google’s Sydney data centre. Giving us the ability to scale at will and guaranteeing the best interconnectivity with Google Search and other internet applications.



Cisco offer enhanced Domain Name Resolution Services and edge protection to much of our network.



SSL Certificates issued by a trusted authority is critical. All hosted domains and sub-domains comes with free Comodo signed SSL certificates. Nothing to pay nothing to do, instantly applied.


WHM Cpanel / PLESK

We utilise a premium control panel solution for our customers, there are no more popular nor intuitive to use web and email control panels than cPanel and Plesk. Having managed cPanel servers for over 15 years and Plesk for 5 we are familiar with the technology and know them to be the best in its class. This puts our clients in the driving seat when it comes to controlling their web and email accounts with us. 



WordPress is the platform of choice for  over 95% of the websites we develop. Our founders have long appreciated the power of the platform, having worked with it for well over a decade. Long time advocates of its place in enterprise operations Andrew Bonar played a role in Sony Music in moving their artists across to the platform. A platform which is said to power 25% of all websites online.  



For over 50% of the ecommerce websites we develop Woocommerce is utilised, WooCommerce powers 28% of the world’s online stores.

Massive ecommerce organisations like ClickBank use Woocommerce as their cart technology of choice handling tens of thousands of transactions daily.




Founded in 2019 not long before we ourselves established our UK operations base. They have seen phenomenal growth on the back of their interactive events platform.

We are proud to have partnered with them almost from their outset and are extremely pleased at our ability to host unique online business events as a result.



We go further than any other webhost when it comes to providing a robust email solution.

If you have your business email hosted by agency.cm it is sent via Sendgrid or PepiPost by Netcore. 

We leave the delivery of email to professionals able to scale to meet your requirements no matter how great they may be.



Providing resilience to our infrastructure and network and allowing us to operate points of presence in global locations.

European & US web hosting is currently configured at Amazon data centres.

We are currently building our own network of DNS servers across Australia, US and Europe on EC2.

Why choose us?

When it comes to your success and our peace of mind it is essential that we select the very best in class as our partners. Which is why we do not cut costs nor corners when it comes to our infrastructure and technology partners.

We have real world experience providing commercial hosting operations that goes back to 1996 when Andrew Bonar co-founded Pobox Internet. Using our experience and leveraging modern cloud based solutions allows us to offer a very select number of client boutique hosting failities.

It is important to be professional and industry terminology can be unavoidable at times, but we like to think we cut the jargon and provide clear, meaningful and easy to follow communications with our clients and prospects alike.

No other provider we know of guarantees you a single point of contact for your digital requirements. An account manager that can code and design and is ready to help you with any and every aspect of your digital journey.

We are told that the difference shows.

Andrew Bonar has over 25 years industry experience having co-founded the worlds first free email provider @Pobox, the UK’s longest running independent ISP Cheapnet and going on to work with some of Australia’s most successful tech startups including  CampaignMonitor, Kogan and Freelancer.com

Nely Bonar has mastered WordPress over the course of 5 years as well as becoming a recognisable name in the field of email marketing. In the past year alone Nely successfully launched 75 WordPress websites for business across Australia.

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